The cultural struggle of being a transracial adoptee

I remember walking around the Halifax Shopping Centre with my mom and younger sister when I was eight. While they browsed the clothes at Aéropostale, I stared at the other shoppers, especially the Asian ones. I knew the odds were two out of seven billion, but as a kid I couldn’t help but wonder if they could be my biological parents. Sometimes, I still wonder. After all, my origin story is a mystery.

I was found somewhere in Chongqing, China. I don’t know where I was found or who discovered me. …

Why I spend half my days living different lives

These moments of escapism bring me delight. I let my mind wander. I create complex storylines and character arcs, waiting for the moment when I can let go of reality. (📸: Jasmine Gidney)

I spend half of my day living different lives.

Sometimes, I’m a student at Hogwarts. I spend most of my time with my childhood friend Neville Longbottom in the greenhouse because it’s quiet and the Slytherin kids rarely stop by. Butterflies dance in my stomach when I’m around him, but I don’t dare say anything. I’d rather suppress my feelings than risk losing him as a friend.

Other times, I’m a hunter from the show Supernatural plotting revenge against the vampires who murdered my parents. Orphaned, I live with the Winchester brothers in their underground bunker. The boys promised to…

Jamine Gidney

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